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About Us

Our Mission

Using O2O and other innovative flexible ways to make phone recycling easier and bring more benefit to the consumer.


The consumer could recycle their phone quickly, easily, and comfortably, with a high benefit.


Allow customers to recycle their phones with the least effort.

Provide the highest level of benefit for customers.

Protect the environment and minimize the pollution created in our operation


Digiswap About Us


DigiSwap is an innovative O2O mobile phone recycling service provider.


The phone recycling industry has long been here, however, the recycling rate in Australia is always low. It is because traditional recycling stores are not transparent enough, as well as the operation is long behind the technology development, which ultimately brings obstacles for people to recycle their phone, the cost is too high thus there is very little that can be given to customers.


DigiSwap's innovative O2O operation allows customers to choose the most suitable way to recycle their phones, even in different locations, with much less effort. The O2O operation gives higher recycling efficiency, customers could also predict the recycling price on the website beforehand. And even, No matter placing the orders or delivering the phones, customers can choose whether they like to do it online or via a brick-and-mortar store, which minimizes the effort needed.


In 2021, the whole world will generate 57 million tonnes of e-waste, and only 17.4% of it is effectively recycled. And in 2030 it is predicted there would be 70 million. What makes the situation worse is that there are a lot of idle or damaged electronic devices that are not recycled. These devices only depreciate gradually and end up being buried in landfill.

The United Nations 17 Goals set in 2015 point out that ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns is one of the most important goals.


Apart from reselling the phone after recycling, DigiSwap also disassembles the phone and reuses them. This avoids only recycling relatively new phones in good condition, which is common in the industry, and thus avoid sending damaged phones and parts to the landfill and making pollution. For customers, they could also recycle old or damaged phones at DigiSwap to earn the fee, but not dump them at the landfill because no one is recycling them.