DigiSwap - Mobile Buyback Service

Why Choose Us

No time wast and Risk free services

Tired of listing ads online and replying to ridiculous offers? afarid of scam and robbery? Why not try our Quick and Risk Free Trade in and Recycle Services.



The standardized recycling system makes the process and the price more transparent. Compared to a second-hand marketplace, the standardized management can protect customers better. And the logistic fee generated would be paid by DigiSwap.


More Locations

DigiSwap has more than 100 collection points all over the main cities, and we are geting more and more partners, so customers could easily find stores close to them for drop off. However if there is no drop off location close to you, the send in service will be always available for you.


Professinal Check

all our business partner are professinal mobile phone stores. we make sure your data security and give your accurate valuation of your devices.


Quick payment

Customers will be paid on spot if customer choose drop off services.

if customer choose send in services. The payment would be processed 24 hours after a device is checked.


We buy Broken Phones

We do buy back or recycle broken phones and other electronic devices for customer too. let`s work together to protect the environment.