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5 tips for getting the most money when selling your old phone

5 tips for getting the most money when selling your old phone

As technology advances, you should raise your skill level to keep up with the rest of the world. It's also important to sell your old phone securely. Before giving your phone to a new user or business, there are a number of things you need to take care of. Certainly, it seems like a busy task to complete, but safeguarding your valuables is more important.
A cutting-edge O2O mobile phone recycling service provider is DigiSwap. Even in different regions, find the most appropriate method of phone recycling with little effort.
You must consider all elements relating to the phones if you want to ensure that you receive the greatest price for used phones. The process of selling your phone is simple.

There are 5 tips for getting the most out of your money when selling your mobile phone:

  • Keep the case intact: Most likely, you already use a case to protect the fragile glass back and screen of your phone. If you want to maintain your phone free of dents and cracks when you sell it, a case is the way to go. However, doing so detracts from the allure of a particularly sleek gradient colour or design.
  • Buy a screen protector: Buy a glass screen protector rather than a plastic one because screen protectors sacrifice screens that are layered on top of the phone's original display. Both in your local carrier store and online, there is a tonne of them.
  • Keep the package and each component: When you trade in a phone, carriers will like to receive your original charger but may not be concerned about the packaging.Reboxing the phone in its original condition, or as close to it as you can, will increase the device's desirability and increase the price.
  • Before selling your phone, thoroughly clean it: A phone that functions and appears brand new will be worth more than a rusted one that is barely functioning.Since payment won't be made until the buyer has examined your item, you risk not getting your asking price if the used phone falls short of expectations. It is absolutely worth the time and effort to clean your phone properly before mailing it in.
  • Fixing a broken screen can be worthwhile: Because they may be repaired or stripped for parts to either recycle or fix other phones for resale, broken phones still have some value.

Before giving it to someone else, you must backup your phone and reset it to factory defaults. This will ensure that you save all the images and other data you need to transfer to a new smartphone while still protecting your identity.
It's crucial to remove your SD card and SIM safely because they contain sensitive personal information that you undoubtedly don't want to lose. Depending on the phone type, different SIM and SD cards can be removed. If you have trouble removing it, consult the manual or contact the company's customer care representative for safe removal.

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